The Pipinchick chicken team have been rearing speciality pure breeds and bantams for over 10 years and have learned all the do’s and don’ts of how to keep your pet chickens healthy and happy.

We offer all our customers 100% after care from answering questions on suitability and environment to offering advice on which breeds mix well and which don’t! We will give you honest advice regardless of sales as it is more important to us your birds have the best start in their new homes.

Please have a read through some of our most frequently asked questions page and if the answer to your worry is not there then feel free to ASK US!

We want to make sure your birds are happy and healthy and you feel confident in keeping them tip top so please don’t be shy.

Pipinchick’s unique quick look buying guide, created to help you make the right decisions when purchasing your pet chickens online.

It can be tempting when looking at all the lovely chickens and bantam hens for sale to want one of each and make a flock of mixed breeds but be careful not all breeds are compatible. Breed harmony can be relative to space, if you have acres then most birds will be fine together however if you have a back garden set up with limited roaming room the guide below is very important.