Agrivite Calcium Supplement with Vitamin D 250ml

A fantastic calcium and vitamin D liquid supplement to aid in strong bones, feather growth and healthy and prolonged egg production.

Agrivite Feather, Shell & Bone Enhancer is a fantastic calcium and vitamin D liquid supplement to be administered in fresh clean drinking water.
Vitamin D promotes the absorption of calcium in the gut, maintaining calcium and phosphate concentrations in the blood, which enable normal mineralisation of bone. Some of the calcium is used from the hen’s bones which is processed into calcium carbonate which assists in shell formation.
This can make older laying hens suseptible to osteoporosis (brittle and poor bone density) and the shell of the egg becomes thinner if they do not receive an adequate supply through out their laying life.
​Younger hens can also struggle when they first come into laying and will benefit from a calcium boost at this time.
​Use 5ml Agrivite per 5ltr of drinking water for 3-5 days as an initial booster and then once a week thereafter. Agrivte offers a long term and immediate solution to calcium deficient hens.

How to know if you hen is diffident in calcium and Vitamin D.

  • Soft, malformed or pitted egg shells
  • Sudden reduction or total stop in laying
  • Hen has become egg bound and lethargic



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