Benessence 99% Aloe Vera First Aid Gel

Benessence Nagel Aloe Vera Gel which has 99% aloe vera a great and natural first aid treatment for cuts, scrapes or to soothe irritated skin.

Get all the beneficial properties of aloe vera in a product that effectively moisturises and cleans feathers effectively without leaving your chickens greasy.
Substances present in aloe vera accelerate the renewal of the epidermis and collagen production, providing support in recovering from small wounds and abrasions. Thanks to these enhanced healing properties, wounds mend faster without leaving scars; moreover, this gel offers adequate protection against harmful atmospheric agents.
Simply spread anywhere on the body or head. In the case of wounds and abrasions, apply gel gently and repeat several times throughout the day.
Benessence is committed to promoting products formulated and packaged in a way that respects all life and the environment. All their products are VEGANOK certified. Feel confident this product has been ethically sourced, produced, and packaged in a way that excludes animal-based ingredients, animal testing, or other practices that exploit animals.

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