Scaly Leg Treatment 400ml Barrier Ointment

Barrier is a great ointment to help fight scaly leg infestations in poultry by suffocating the existing mites and making it hard for new ones to take hold.

Barrier Scaly Leg ointment is a wonderful treatment and prevention for scaly leg infestations in all poultry.

Intensive action against scaly leg mite, the ointment works as a barrier, it prevents new mites form being able to infest the bird and will suffocate and kill mites that are already on the bird.

The barrier ointment also soothes, calms and provides instant relief against irritation, apply the oinmtent directly and liberally to the legs, feet, comb and wattle, it will not taint legs and is suitable for organic farming systems.

Apply once every 5 -7 days initially then once every 2-3 weeks as a preventative once the infestation is under control.

  • Instant relief
  • Prevents further infestation
  • Kills minutes by suffocation

400ml Tub.

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