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Lemon Meringue Bearded Silkie Chicken

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“The best silkies in the UK! So glad I waited for them – stunning birds, lovely colours, very healthy & great communication from Pipinchick! I arranged a courier as I live in Sheffield & the birds Suzanna chose for me were lovely! They arrived today & they are gigantic fluff balls! Thanks again xx will definitely come back to you if I want any more in the future.”

“We traveled down to the pop up shop and chose our chickens in person. Soon we plan on using the courier service to buy a few more to add to our clutch, the chickens are Beautiful, calm and great layers and Suz is lovely. The customer service and after care is top notch. Do not have any reservations buying from pipinchicks, you’ll never find better!! Xxx”

“We traveled down to collect my hens yesterday and it was so worth it! These are the best hens I’ve come across they are so friendly, clean and in perfect health condition. You couldn’t wish for better, I will definitely be recommending these to friends and be buying more in the future. Suz and her team were fantastic, Thank you so much x ”


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