Compact Poultry House and Run for 3 to 8 Hens CC054

A great little poultry house with built on run suitable for up to 8 bantams or 2-3 larger hens, this house comes with a pull out cleaning tray, vents for a fresh air supply helping to keep ammonia and dust at bay, removable perches for night roosting, easy to access nesting areas, a raised house to utilise the floor space of the run area, it comes with a ladder for the hens to climb to bed, all doors are included for the run and house, there is a large back door for easy access and cleaning.

This is the Perfect economical Chicken House & Run for someone who wants a compact solution, we always recommend allowing as much free foraging time as possible, built in runs are great for space saving, however for long periods of confinement you may need to extend your run space.

Treatment – Although this product comes treated from the factory we recommend treating again within a month of assembly or if its winter ideally before use, with a good quality preserver ideally an oil/solvent based product like Barrattine, and repeat once or twice a year as necessary, this will protect the wood and help avoid mould spores forming in damp winter weather.

Assembly: This product is delivered flat-packed and can be easily assembled at home by following the comprehensive instructions in the user guide.

Hen capacity is based on house size alone, not the run size, this house would not be suited to flightless birds who cannot climb a ladder or ramp, ideal for little flight bantams such as Polish, Ardennaise, Wyandottes, Chabo, Pekins etc…

We recommend a minimum of 1mtr sq per bantam and 2mtr sq per large breed.

£389.00 inc. VAT

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