Our lovely Sikies are currently coming back from a very hard pom-pom moult this summer, we think it is due to the extreme hot weather we have had, although their pom-poms are not looking their fluffiest, with some growth still to come, they are now ready to go to their new homes. Feather moulting is a completely normal and natural occurrence, and their new shiny feathers will come back through fully within about 4-6 weeks, to help them along included with your Silkie order will be a complementary 600gm pack of our Forager Feather Moult treat mix. Some hens may also have a little purple on them, if we see a drastic moult, we spray the bald area with a little purple antiseptic spray to discourage feather pecking or over preening, again this will grow out with the new feathers and wash away with time.

*If you have any questions regarding this, please let us know and we will be happy to help. 

Cuckoo Bearded Silkie Chicken

Live Chickens are delivered by our special courier service at the following costs:

Local (Collection or Delivery within 15 Miles)£2.50 + VAT
Rest of England and Wales £50+VAT
Scotland (nothing North of Perth) £70+VAT
Anything North of PerthPlease Contact Us
Delivery Within 10-14 days

Please do not order your hens until you are ready to receive them, delivery is usually within 10-14 days of your purchase, we are not able to hold hens for any longer than this.
Please Note: If you order live chickens and accessories we are able to deliver both at the same time with our special courier service.

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1 review for Cuckoo ​Bearded Silkie Chicken

  1. Sally Matty (verified owner)

    Frankie has a lovely calm temperament she’s very loving and cuddly. We’ve had her a couple of months and already get eggs every day from her. She has a cheeky side though as if the door is left open she sneaks in and can be found chilling on the sofa watching the TV or getting comfy on the cushions. As always she arrived in fantastic health and Pipinchick are very quick at responding to any questions concerns or updates which is lovely to know there’s back up close by and that they care enough to watch or read any updates sent. Highly recommended

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