Supreme Corn Mix by Fancy Feed – 5kg & 20kg Bags

Supreme Mixed Corn is an appetising blend of English wheat and cut maize plus tasty extras chosen for their appeal to the bird as well as their nutritional benefits

Fancy feed have created this wonderful new supreme corn mix for your pet poultry. With whole linseed which is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids, black sunflower seeds which also contain essential fatty acids and supply the important antioxidant, vitamin E, to support good health and immunity.
With added oyster shell which dissolves in the digestive system to provide additional calcium which aids in egg shell integrity and supports strong bones.
Additional naked oats have been added as a low fibre energy source and are high in good quality protein, supplying essential amino acids for feather and egg production soya oil is also used to coat the mix, supplying additional fatty acids for egg production and plumage.
Now with added split peas which are particularly beneficial, being high in protein and popular with birds of all sizes.
Offer Supreme Mixed Corn after the main ration of pellets or mash has been fed to ensure the birds do not fill themselves with it in preference to the fully balanced food.



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