Fragrant Christmas Spice Nesting Mix For Chickens 100gm

Treat your hens with this divine smelling limited addition Christmas spice nesting coop-pourri, with pine oil infused bedding, cinnamon bark, ginger, marigolds and a cinnamon stick.

This Christmas period we have created a very special Spiced Coop-Pourri, this lovely mix is a great nesting box freshener and is ideal to add to your coop after a clean, it sits atop your new fresh bedding and smells divine. With cinnamon bark and a cinnamon stick, ginger, pine oil infused straw and marigolds this will not only make your whole coop spell like a festive treat but has many health benefits for your ladies. Cinnamon and marigolds are both proven antioxidants which help keep your chickens healthy and assists in fighting off  diseases, a great natural immunity booster for your flock and ginger is proven to help regenerate new skin cells, ideal for any hens whom might be having their seasonal moulting.

  • Deters lice & mites
  • Extra health benefits
  • Calms and soothes your hens
  • Smells lovely
  • Bright, healthy, orange yolks



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