Poultry Revive Power Drops by Nettex

Nettex have created these amazing Power Drops for poultry, designed to revive and help lethargic and poorly chickens back to good health, we really recommend this product!

Nettex Power Drops are a fast acting pick-me-up packed full of vitamins and minerals and extra B vitamins to help support birds in stressful situations, during times of ill health and depression.

When chickens get sick they hide it from their flock mates for as long a they can, chickens tend to attack and can kill the weaker members in a flock, so the poorly hen may hide her symptoms for some time.

You may suddenly notice once day she has stooped eating, drinking and is hunched and looking very depressed and sad. By this time whatever has ailed the hen has taken hold, once you see these symptoms the hen has entered a depression and needs something to snap her out of it.

We have seen these power drops bring hens back form the brink of death, the drops offer an instant energy source for weak birds (energy levels may be seen to be improved in as little as 30 minutes), this encourages them to start eating and drinking again and will improve their mood to give them a fighting chance.

The drops also provide immune supporting vitamins, particularly good during periods of environmental stress e.g. when feed intake is depressed as it helps support appetite and feed efficiency.

Not to be used for a long term solution if you have a sick bird that needs veterinary attention, but will be a great short term option to keep them alert and get them moving again and this is an absolute staple item in any good chicken keeper’s first aid kit.

  • Instant revive and energy boost
  • Supports a weak immune system with vitamin B
  • Helps to break metal depression and lathery.
  • Can restore lost appetites in as little as 30 minutes
  • Chicken keeper’s first aid box staple item!

30ml dropper bottle.


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