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About Us

It’s been quite the journey to get here, we’ve loved every minute, and the chicken adventure continues.

Who Are Pipinchick?

Pipinchick are a small family run farm in the Mendip Hills of Somerset, specialising in only chickens they have created a beautiful ethos of care and compassion, elevating the welfare standards for back garden poultry across the U.K. Pipinchick was built from nothing by a pair of slightly ‘eggcentric’ Entrepreneurs Michael and Suzanna, and is now the largest pet chicken retailer in the country.

Neither Suzanna nor Michael came from a farming background, they got bit by the chicken keeping 2007 when they decided to build their own bit of the Good Life. Now with over 50 different breeds of chickens available they have come a long way from their first ever black Silkie hen, aptly named Silkie Mumma and have cemented themselves as the UK’s number one most trusted pet poultry provider.

Our Journey

In 2007 we decided to move our family to the countryside for a little piece of the Good Life, we were lucky enough to find a small 2acre plot in the Mendip Hills of Somerset. Not long after we arrived our young daughter requested a fluffy chicken, this is where our journey really began. After hunting the internet for a ‘fluffy” chicken we finally found what we now know as Silkies.

This was a chicken like we had ever seen before and we all instantly became fascinated by her, she was so full of character, so cheeky, sweet and funny then, of course…. chicken maths… more Silkies soon arrived. It was during this time that we could see some huge flaws within the industry and were horrified at what was being offered, not only in terms of a buying experience, but very poor welfare standards. After scouring the country looking for hens it became very clear that there had to be a better way to buy chickens, so we set out to make one!

The French Exchange!

After researching we found a wonderful family run hatchery in France, they had 10 colours of silkies and were just like us, they put welfare first and loved the chickens, we decided that now was the time to change the way people bought pet chickens. The only fly in the ointment, the French hatchery was unable to ship day old chicks to the U.K, so we did what any normal, logical people would do… we saved up and bought a rundown farm in France, we then set up a French rearing farm, what else?! We worked directly with our hatchery for over 7 years raising the chickens in France and bringing them over to the UK as young pullets, this was a huge risk and very exhausting as we would spend nearly 6 months of the year apart, but the hard work paid off and Pipinchick began to flourish. The French hatchery expanded allowing us to offer new, rare and interesting breeds some never seen before in the UK in the numbers we could rear, it was an exciting time.

Eventually the French hatchery found themselves in a position to begin offering chicks directly to the U.K, with a strange mix of sadness and relief we shut down the French farm to start the next chapter of our lives, together, rearing poultry in the U.K. The rest as they say is history, we now work with many hatcheries across the U.K. and Europe, all with our high welfare standards in place, we have wonderful relationships with each of them and still, to this day, work very closely with our first French hatchery.

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“The customer service and aftercare from the team has been excellent”

"We had one silkie and one pekin bantam delivered nearly 3 weeks ago. They were beautiful and healthy. We had some issues with the pekin acting territorial around bedtime and were worried we wouldn't be able to sort it out. However I got in touch with Susanna at Pipinchick and she gave us loads of great advice. The hens are now snuggling up together each night and we've even started getting eggs! The customer service and aftercare from the team has been excellent and I would highly recommend especially for new chicken owners."

Michaela, Aug ‘22

“Suzanne and Michael are both wonderful people”

"Two beautiful and healthy Brahma's just delivered - Suzanne and Michael are both wonderful people who really care about the quality of service they provide - Thank you!"

J, Nov ’23

“Pipinchick couldn’t have been more helpful”

Pipinchick couldn't have been more helpful, delivering our two friendly hens and some supplies we couldn't get hold of elsewhere. The birds have kept us entertained - and supplied with eggs - all summer long. If you are lucky enough to have a small garden I'd recommend a few chickens for everyone.

John, Aug ‘21

“I will certainly buy from Pipinchick again”

"After careful research I decided to buy from Pipinchick for a number of reasons, the most important for me is that their birds are vaccinated. As a Registered Veterinary Nurse I have seen the suffering caused to both the birds and owners when struck by a sickness which could be avoided.
My birds arrived by courier and, despite their long journey of over 200 miles, they were very relaxed and not at all stressed.
The young lady courier was wonderful and ensured that I was satisfied with them and gave some good tips on care too.
I will certainly buy from Pipinchick again."

Lynda, Feb ‘23

“Highly recommend the breed and the seller”

“We collected 4 young Chabo hens in July. They are delightful. In due course they started laying and have been laying good sized eggs for a small bird all winter. Before purchasing, I read that Chabo are not very good layers. Well these friendly little girls prove that theory wrong!
Highly recommend the breed and the seller. Thankyou.”

Jane White, Jan ‘24

“Absolutely love this business”

"Absolutely love this business. Excellent and friendly service when ordering my first hens and really enjoy receiving the monthly subscription boxes full of wonderful goodies for my hens as well as me!"

Delia, June ‘23

“I am so impressed with Pipinchick Poultry”

“I am so impressed with Pipinchick Poultry. I had two white silkies delivered by them in July and they are perfect. Despite the long 4 hour journey they arrived hydrated and happy. They have settled in so well and are already laying eggs. They are beautiful hens. Such a pure white colouring. Would thoroughly recommend ordering your hens from them. I have also ordered chicken supplies from them and they’ve been brilliant. 10/10!”

J Phelps, Oct ‘23

“What a wonderful company with the care of their animals at the heart”

“What a wonderful company with the care of their animals at the heart. The contact and customer service was second to none. We were provided with so much helpful info prior to our birds arriving! The girls arrived beautifully and safely and the driver was more than happy to help us.”

Natalie, Sept ‘23

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Our Promise to You

Caring for your chickens

We promise to never treat your chickens in a way that is inhumane.

We are there for you

To provide you with great customer care and service and to be there for you going forward, to help in any way we can.

The best possible start

To give your chickens the best possible start, so that you can enjoy them for many years to come. Providing you with healthy, happy and well socialised chickens.

Why Choose Pipinchick

Fully Vaccinated Chickens

Great Customer Care

Ongoing Health Advice

Largest Range of Chickens

Delivery To Your Door

Nationawide Collection Points

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