About us

We have come a long way since our first ever black Silkie hen, we are now the largest Rare and Pure Breed retails in the UK, with a proud reputation for delivering quality hens and wonderful care, we love what we do and we hope it shows.

Our chicken adventure began with just one Black Silkie hen over 10 years ago, new to the area with a 2acre small holding we decided to have a bit of “The Good Life.”

Our daughter asked one day for a fluffy chicken! Not really knowing what this was we scoured the Gumtrees and Local Pages and found a breeder of Silkies (again, which we had never heard of). Off we went in the van with a cat box and very excited 1st born in tow.

We came home with one Silkie, one Pekin Bantam (and 2 spontaneous piglets)!

We named our new Silkie Mumma Hen because from day one she was so affectionate with our daughter and followed her around like a protective Mumma hen.

We were so blown away by how lovely she was we decided to get a cockerel to hatch and rear some of our own… and so it began!

Mumma Hen