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We’re here to help you take care of your chickens long term

Chicken Healthcare

Caring for your chicken’s health can be challenging at times, whether you’re a seasoned or new chicken keeper sometimes you may need a little extra help and support. We have created this care page to help you identify some common illnesses your hens may be suffering from. With detailed information on common illnesses, seasonal care tips and our interactive health care checker this page offers you some tips and tools from our chicken care professionals, we are also available for more advice should you need it.

Pipinchick Health Checker

Use our interactive symptom checker to determine what might be wrong with your chicken.

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Helpful tips to care for your chickens

Helpful Tips

Helpful information on some of the most common illnesses or ailments your chickens may get, from Soured Crop to Bumble Foot, we have created guides and tips on how to spot, diagnose and treat effectively.

Contact us for Support

With many years’ experience rearing poultry Pipinchick have a dedicated team of experts on hand, if you’re still not sure what is wrong with your hen, or you would just like to have a chat for more advice please get in touch. We can offer support over the phone, face to face consultations or by emailing us videos and pictures, we are here to help.

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