Terms of Business

Hen Welfare.

At Pipinchick we have raised the standards of poultry welfare, we put your hens first and make sure
they live in a stress free, calm environment and never want for feed or water. They are fed a good
quality feed and have daily supplements with treats and tonics. We reserve the right to refuse sale if
we feel a hen’s welfare may be in jeopardy.

Bio Security

We are not open to the public.
We do not allow the general public to visit our farm. The health and wellbeing of our birds and of
our customers’ birds means we must maintain the highest bio security standards and as such we
cannot allow visitors to our farm.


All collections will be by prior arrangement only.

Poultry Returns.

We do not accept returns after 10 days of your birds having been delivered to your site/home. We
will only accept returns within 10 days if a bird is unwell or is an unwanted cockerel and you have
contacted us within the first 10 days to advise us of any problems. In the event of the above, it will
be the liability of Pipinchick Poultry to offer a full refund and fund the return courier for the bird/s or
offer a free replacement including free re-delivery and collection. Once birds have been out of our
care for 10 days or longer we feel their health and wellbeing is now out of our control. We will not
be liable for any vet bills at any time unless this has been agreed prior by our team.

Product Returns.

We will accept product returns as per your consumer rights, we will not be liable for any return
postage unless an item has arrived damaged and this is reported to our team upon delivery.


All prices quoted on this website are correct at time of publishing but are subject to change without
notice. All stock is subject to availability.


All information on this website is the subjective opinion of ourselves. Whereas we endeavour to
offer the best advice to our customers, we can accept no responsibility for losses or damages
suffered as a result of the information on this site.