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Chicken House & Run Accessories

From automatic chicken doors to run covers, accessorise your coop and run.

Coop and Run Accessories

Elevate your coop and poultry run with some fun and practical ideas, from enriching your run with pecker balls and treat nets to adding swings or dust baths. Keep your hens safe from predators and protected from the weather with our range of run and coop accessories.


Keep your hens happy with run enrichment ideas from alfalfa blocks to nesting boxes.


Protect your hens from predators with fine mesh wire, electric fencing and automatic chicken doors.

Weather Protection

Keep your chickens dry and clean with run and coop covers and Shelter Flex tarpaulins.

More about Chicken House & Run Accessories

  • Why Enrich Your Run

  • Keep Your Hens Safe

  • Protection From the Elements

Why Enrich Your Run

Why should I Enrich My Chicken Run? Run enrichment is essential for happy and well-rounded hens, especially if they are run bound for prolonged periods. Being run bored can lead to destructive behaviours including feather pecking, bullying and even self-harm. Adding simple run enrichment can really make a world of difference to your chicken’s wellbeing.

Keep Your Hens Safe

How do I keep my Chickens Safe? We all worry about predators, keeping your hens safe and secure can seem challenging, ensuring you have an area protected from predators can be as easy as adding electric fencing, using the correct wire mesh or covering your open run with a predator proof netting.

Protection From the Elements

Why is it important to keep your run dry? Keeping your chickens dry and clean has many benefits, not just aesthetically but health wise too. Wet and dirty environments can harbour bacteria and cause illness. A wetter environment is harder to keep clean and free of bacteria, covering your run will ensure you can keep their run litter dry and manage your hens with ease.

Helpful Tips

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