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Plastic Chicken Houses & Runs

100% recycled and recyclable chicken houses that don’t cost the earth.

100% Recycled and Recyclable Plastic Poultry Houses

Plastic chicken coops have become very popular over the years with brands such as Nestera and Omlet leading the way for innovation. They are easy to clean, mite resistant and quick to assemble. Most are either made from 100% recycled plastics or can be recycled after use. They require little to no maintenance and look very stylish too.

Easy To Clean

Easy to clean and mite resistant, can be taken apart and reassembled with ease allowing for a deeper clean between the seams

Recycled Plastics

Most plastic coops will be made from 100% recycled materials or be recyclable, better for the environment and ecofriendly.

10% Off Your Chickens

With every chicken house, coop or run bought you will get 10% off your chickens at Pipinchick.

More about Plastic Chicken Houses & Runs

  • Why Choose Plastic

  • Red Mite Resistant

  • Delivery and Discounts

Why Choose Plastic

Are plastic houses better than wooden houses? Plastic houses are definitely more user friendly. They are easy to clean making it harder for mites to infest, they have less cracks and crevasses which again, make it harder for mites to infest, they can be taken apart and cleaned thoroughly and put back together again with ease. They are usually made from recycled plastics or can be recycled which makes them more ecofriendly. They require little to no maintenance unlike a wooden coop that will need treating and painting annually.

Red Mite Resistant

Red mites are nasty, blood-sucking ectoparasites that feast on fowl while they sleep. While this may sound like something out of a horror movie, it is a very real problem for your chickens as a red mite infestation can seriously impact the health of your birds.

Red mites are visible to the naked eye but can prove extremely difficult to spot in small numbers. Plus, they hide in cracks and crevices during the day, making a wooden coop, especially one with a felt roof, the ideal environment for a growing infestation.

How to keep red mite out of your coop?

Plastic chicken houses and coops, have no cracks or crevices and very few joints for red mites to hide in, making it much more difficult for these parasites to grow their population in your coop. (there are wooden perches – but not an issue as no cracks)

Furthermore, since plastic poultry houses are easily dis- and re-assembled, cleaning and disinfecting becomes a simple task. Even in winter, these houses are dry and ready for re-occupation in just a few minutes.

Delivery and Discounts

Delivery to most of mainland U.K. will be by courier and is usually within 1 week to 10 days of purchase and sent directly from the manufacturer.

If you order a house or run without chickens you will automatically be sent a 10% discount code to your inbox on completion of sale, this will be redeemable online any time if you decide to come back to buy chickens.

If you order your coop or run and your chickens at the same time, your 10% poultry discount will automatically be taken off the total at checkout.

Your house/run will be sent ahead of your hens.

  • If you have selected to have your chickens delivered to your door, once your house/run arrives, we will work with you to offer a delivery date suitable once you are all set up and ready.
  • If you have selected a specific collection date and location for your hens, they will be waiting for you then.
  • If you have selected collection close to our farm, then a collection date will be arranged to suit you once you are all set up and ready.
  • All accessories ordered at the same time as hens and houses will be either delivered with your hens, or ready for collection with your hens.
  • If you have ordered accessories with your house/run and no hens, your accessories will also be sent by courier.

*Please note for the following postcodes there will be an additional delivery surcharge, this is dependent on location, please contact prior to buying for more details.

AB, HS, IV, KW, PA, PH, TR, ZE and KA

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