Red Gorilla Tubtrug 35ltr Shallow Dust Bath

Authentic Red Gorilla Tubtrug 35ltr shallow tub, perfect portable and colourful dust bath for your chickens, can hold 10kg of sand easily and is easy to move and clean.

Authentic Red Gorilla Tubtrug 35ltr shallow tub dust bath.
The 35L Large Shallow Gorilla Tub®, previously known as Tubtrugs is a flexible, weather resistant tub that is built to last. These tubs make wonderful dust baths for pet poultry, they are hardy, weather resistant and safe for animals to use, they can hold up to 10kg of sand and are easy to clean.
They are portable and can be placed in a run or in the garden, you can even dig a small hole and place directly into the ground.
The shallow edges are low enough for tiny bantams to get in but are deep enough to hold all the sand inside the tub as the hens bathe their feathers.
Dust baths are essential for helping keep mites at bay and allow your hen to express  her natural behaviour making then happier and healthier all round.

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