Concentrated Mineral Rich Poultry Drink by Agrivite 250ml

Agrivite Poultry Drink, a concentrate poultry tonic rich in minerals including iron, great for birds recovering from moults or mite infestations.

Agrivite Poultry Drink Concentrate.

Agrivite Poultry Drink is a high energy mineral water soluble supplement that is rich in iron.

Providing support for all poultry, the drink has a sweet tasting sorbitol base. It will support birds who have had a mite infestation, as well as birds who are moulting. It is easy to use and can be added simply to drinking water.

  • High energy mineral supplement
  • Rich in iron
  • Sweet tasting sorbitol base
  • Supports birds recovering from mites
  • Ideal for moulting birds
  • Simply add to drinking water



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