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We offer delivery or collection for your hens, we can deliver to most of the mainland UK and offer collections from BS40 6AX, collections are by appointment only, we do not have farm visits.

Buying Live Chickens Online

Feel confident with Pipinchick, we have many years’ experience of delivering live birds, Pipinchick were the first U.K. poultry farm to begin offering this trusted service.

Below we have answered a few of our most frequently asked questions regarding having your chickens delivered to your door, if you need any further information please get in touch.

*As we deliver only from our own farm we are able to continue delivering during periods of Avian Flu ‘flock down’, we also check DEFRA for you to see if you are in a movement restriction zone, in which case we will hold your hens until we can deliver once restrictions are lifted*


  • All deliveries are completed by our own poultry team who have DEFRA poultry moving licences, we do not use 3rd party couriers.
  • No multi farm pickups or drop offs to maintain bio security.
  • 100% accountability for the health and wellbeing of your hens on their journey.
  • Once you have placed your order our team will contact you by email to offer you a delivery date, if this date is not convenient we will then look to offer another.

Delivery Prices

£3.50 Local Delivery, within 15 miles of BS40 6AX
£60 Mainland UK Delivery (nothing north of Perth)
£84 Southern Scotland (we cannot deliver higher than Perth).

Simply select which option you would like at checkout, all prices include VAT.
Nationwide deliveries are subject to order numbers. Delivery is usually within 10-14 days, please do not order until you are ready to receive the hens.

Please Note: If you order live chickens and accessories we are able to deliver both at the same time with our special courier service

Collection Options

You can arrange to collect your hens locally to our farm at BS40 6AX. Local collection will be arranged post purchase, we will contact you by email to arrange a date and time convenient for you within our working hours, we do not offer collections on Sundays.

Nationwide Collections are coming soon.

Collection Prices and Locations

£3.50 Local Farm Collection from BS40 6AX

Simply select which option you would like at checkout, all prices include VAT.
Nationwide collections are subject to order numbers. Please do not order until you are ready to receive the hens.

Please Note: If you order live chickens and accessories both can be collected at the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Health Guarantee

  • Safety when travelling

  • Chickens selected for you

Health Guarantee

We never send any hens that are not old enough or strong enough for their journey, we have a reputation to protect as the best in the business but more than that we care for the chickens and would not want them to endure suffering at all in any way.

As such, we guarantee 100% vaccinated, healthy and happy hens delivered to your door, we have a 10 day no quibble return policy, if any hen delivered shows signs of illness within the first 10 days of arrival we will help to resolve the issue or in a serious case we will come and collect the hen and replace or refund you.

Safety when travelling

Yes, it is safe provided they are transported properly. Each chicken is given a health check by our chicken experts prior to being sent to ensure they are happy, healthy and ready for their new home.

Chickens are delivered in one of our ventilated chicken carriers, these boxes are created by our team with a minimum of 8 large vent slits (not holes) these slits allow for a better air circulation through the carrier. All boxes are lined firstly with absorbent chick paper and then with a layer of wood shavings to ensure all poop is absorbed and not left on your chickens’ feet. We sometimes infuse the sawdust with lavender to help the birds feel calmer on their journey. We have different box sizes depending on quantity of hens purchased and the size of the breeds.

Hens are transported by our dedicated chicken handlers who are all trained by us, (we do not use couriers), all have full DEFRA courier licences and know how to look after the birds on their journey, they offer a wealth of knowledge and can help with any issues or questions you may have upon your delivery, we can even have a look at your set up and offer advice and care tips, this one on one service is second to none.

For most of the mainland UK, and Wales hens are delivered from farm to your door in under 8 hours, for deliveries further away from us, we plan in a stopover so your hens are not in transport for too long, they get an overnight rest, feed, water etc..

All our team have the hens’ welfare at the forefront and every care is taken to ensure they are happy on their travels.

Chickens selected for you

Most of our customers are so surprised by how easy and simple it is to have their hens delivered. Birds are selected and the standard is as per the pictures on our website, you can buy direct from our online shop or if you have some further questions prior to buying our lovely team are available to answer any questions and take your order via the phone or over emails.

We have never had a disappointed customer on arrival, our pictures show an overall standard of each breed and most of the feedback we receive on delivery is that their hens look better than they expected. You can have your birds picked to your specification, let our team know if you want larger pomp poms, friendly or gentle characters, different colourings, clipped wing tips etc… we will be happy to select based on your wishes.

Other reasons to have your hens delivered

Carbon Footprint

Lower your carbon foot print by not driving to multiple chicken farms


Increase welfare standards, wondering around many different farms/sites looking for chicken can actually spread disease… it is better for bio security to not have lots of visitors to your site and as such better for the chickens. Some birds do not take well to having lots of visitors and it causes them stress, having your birds delivered from us to you means your hens will actually experience less stress.

Convenient for you

Convenience, time is precious and not all have hours to spend over a weekend driving around and looking at lots of chickens, with our quality guarantee you will get exactly what you expect.

Expected Delivery Wait Times

We endeavour to deliver your hens to the UK mainland within 10 days of your purchase and 14 days for Scotland.

We have 2 delivery days every week all year round, in some cases your hens may even be delivered within 48 hours!

Once your order is placed we contact you by email within 48 hours to offer a delivery date.