Nestera Large Chicken Lodge 100% Recycled

The Nestera Lodge offers a 100% Recycled raised coop that is still assessable to flightless birds, ideal for maximising run space and offers the hens a place to shelter from sun and rain, easy to assemble and disassemble when its time to clean, add an auto door so your hens can get up with the sun and be safely shut away at dusk.

Add a Nestera Auto door which can be set to open and close dependent on light levels or at specific times, so you don’t have to wake up when your chickens do! It also includes a manual open and close function.

£554.65  –  £782.65 inc. VAT

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With the ramp only being raised 22.5cm off the ground this coop is suitable for all chickens, even flightless birds like silkies will have no issues accessing the coop after a little training. the coop can be placed inside a walk in run for ease or a run can be added to the front, we would always reccomend having an area of your run covered to allow greater protection from the weather. Remember that the size of the run is more important than the size of the house chickens only use the house at night and to lay, the rest of their time is spent outside

10% off chickens
6-8 largefowl, 10-12 bantams
Easier clean
100% recycled
Suitable for flightless

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Nestera coops are self assembly and feature intresting design that offers some interesting benefits to keep your hens happy and safe

Guaranteed Comfort: Adjustable ventilation and excellent thermal insulation offer comfortable temperatures all year round, while the rounded edges of the raised perches offer comfortable sleeping but can also be removed for non-perching birds

Easy Cleaning: Large rear hatches, roofs and easily removable nesting boxes offer full access to the interior for quick and easy cleaning. The coops guarantee improved hygiene by making regular cleaning quick and easy.

Red Mite Resistant: Nestera coops have far less places for red mites to hide and reproduce, compared to other coops. Using recycled plastic for our chicken coops ensures cleaning is easy and complete eradication is possible. Red mite management can be a big issue for chicken keepers, but with regular cleaning mites can be kept at bay

Unbeatable Durability: The coops are made from 9mm-thick 100% recycled plastic. This doesn’t just minimise their environmental impact but also offers a lifespan far greater than any of our competitors. When it comes to weather protection, our coops are maintenance-free; resistant to UV, and won’t degrade over time. All Nestera coops come with a 25 year guarantee.

External Dimensions
Height 1ooomm

Width: 1385mm (inc. nestbox)
Depth: 1359mm

Internal Dimensions
Width: 910mm (inc. nestbox)
Height: 800mm



Delivery for Chicken Coops & Runs

We fulfil Chicken Coops and Runs orders separately from our chickens and supplies. When ordering a coop or a run, there will only be a £2.50 delivery charge.

Delivery of chicken houses are usually within 1 week of purchase unless specified and the delivery cost is included in the price of the house . All houses purchased will come with 10% off any chicken order you place with us, if ordering your house first you will receive a discount code upon completing your purchase to use with us next time. Chickens and houses purchased together. Your poultry will be delivered within 2 weeks of your house’s arrival, giving you time to build your run and house and prepare for your new arrivals. Your 10% discount will be automatically applied at checkout in this instance.

Please note for delivery on the wooden economic house range the following postcodes will be subject to an additional delivery surcharge, this is dependent on location please contact prior to buying for more details. AB, HS, IV, KW, PA, PH, TR, ZE and KA

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