Zoom Consultation

Our Pipinchick team have been rearing pure breed and bantams for over 10 years, there is not much we don’t know about chickens.

Our Zoom calls offer you the perfect opportunity to pick our brains.

Maybe you would like to show us around your set up, check you have the right environment for you new or existing flock.

Perhaps you have a poorly bird and would like to show us their symptoms of even show us some unusual behaviours, we are pretty good chicken whisperers too.

With a Zoom consultation we can see your birds’ see your environment and offer first hand advice. We can often diagnose common problems and advise non-prescription alternative medicines or treatments, thus saving on expensive vet bills.

Why not schedule a call with our experts today?

This service is completely free tour Pipinchick superscription members!

£12.00 inc. VAT


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