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Boredom Busting Omlet PoleTree Perches

Omlet PoleTree, Boredom Buster.

Are you looking for some ideas to help keep your hens busy during the inevitable “Flock Down” period. There are many ideas available online and some you can make yourself, but if you’re looking for a quick and easy to install solution then we recommend Omlet’s PoleTree perch system.

Why is Run Enrichment Important?

When hens get bored they get destructive, this can be due to lack of space, being confined and not being able to display their natural behaviours, Chickens are foragers, they like to scratch about and free range, even little bantams like to be busy and when they are kept cooped up for long periods they can become very bored. Boredom then leads to them looking for ways to entertain themselves, this sadly, usually manifests as pecking, bullying and general ASBO like behaviours.

How Does The PoleTree Work?

With the PoleTree Chicken Perch the options are endless:

  • Encourage communal perching with long perches
  • Move perches higher and higher to inspire inquisitive minds
  • Create a stimulating staircase of perches
  • Switch up the system at any time with the easy to move brackets

The entire system is designed to offer your hens mental and physical stimulation relieving boredom and promoting overall happier chickens and well being.

Sturdy Design for Flocks of All Sizes

You can add as many perches as your flock desires, and thanks to strong, durable materials like aluminium and eucalyptus, you can be sure your pet chickens will be jumping from perch to perch for years to come!

Ideal for Any Chicken Enclosure Over 1.7m High

The PoleTree fits in most enclosures and walk in runs. Simply adjust the height of the pole to fit your run, fix to the roof with the supplied connection kit and to the ground with pegs.

Once the pole is in place, you can modify your chicken tree to suit your flock with as many perches as you like, at any height or orientation, to create an irresistible perching system. Make efficient use of all the vertical space in your run, and say hi to your hens at eye level with perches all the way to the top!

How To Buy.

If you would like to buy one of these innovative perching systems and for more information simply follow the link below to the Omlet Website.

Buy directly from this link.


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