Chicken Accessories Shop

Pipinchick have selected an easy to use and very useful range of poultry health and hygiene products along with our new Fancy Feed range and our Pipinchick home made treats. All chosen carefully by us and most we use here on the farm. Tried and tested products for you to buy with confidence. Pipinchick Approved!

Chicken Accessories FAQs

Chickens require a hen house, chicken coop or nesting boxes for roosting at night. Clearly , your chicken will also require food and water and our feeders and drinkers are perfect for taking the hassle out of ensuring they are getting their required amounts (just be sure to refill them!).

Preventative measures are essential so things like:

  • ensuring your chicken has enough space in an appropriate environment, with no plants etc that may be toxic.
  • Ensuring your chicken is being fed a nutritionally complete feed
  • Ensuring your chicken has enough water
  • Regularly cleaning out their hen house and ensuring it is free from parasites
  • Treating any signs of disease early
  • Providing a dust bath.

We are happy to give advice to our customers on the best wa to ensure a long and healthy life for your pet.