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How do I wash my chicken?

Depending on the size of your hen, you can usually manage to wash them in your kitchen sink or in a shallow tub. Put enough warm water in the tub or sink so that when you pop your hen in the water level is just above the wing tips. Then using a jug, pour water over the chicken until she is properly soaked, you can then lift the hen and dunk her pom-pom into the water making sure to keep her beak out of the water, if you are not confident doing this, then you can run the pomp om under a warm tap again, ensuring the water does not go over the beak. Then thoroughly shampoo and rinse in the same way, make sure all soap suds are out of the feathers. Once the hen has been rinsed you can then towel dry her and finish drying with a hair blow dryer, make sure the hen is fully dry before putting her outside again.

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