Poultry Suppliers

Pipinchick Poultry are well renowned for being top quality breeders and suppliers of bantams and silkie chickens in the UK. We have a wide variety of garden hens all of which have been treated with the same amount of care and attention to ensure that each is as healthy as possible when you decide to choose them as a pet. We also fully vaccinate against Marek’s, Newcastle’s and infections bronchitis. Our chickens make wonderful pets with chickens shown to have very individual personalities and they can even be therapeutic when stroked! Some of our more popular breeds include:

Silkie Chickens: One of our favourite birds is the silkie. We love their docile character which makes them fantastic pets as they can be handled and hugged by children. They do not scratch up lawns or flowers and do not need a lot of space. They are good egg layers and you should expect up to 5 small eggs a week. You can read more about our silkies by clicking below.

Polish Bantam: The Polish Bantam is one of the oldest chicken breeds in Europe and come in a variety of beautiful colours including black, white and red. The Polish lays a good number of small eggs (about 4-5 per week). Polish Bantams must be handled with care but make wonderful pets and do enjoy human contact. The do not mix well with flocks of larger breeds and should not be put with Hybrids.

Cochin Chicken: The Cochin Chicken is another one of our favourite birds that, again, makes an absolutely fantastic pet, particularly for children. Unlike the Silkie, it mixes quite happily with other birds. It is also one of the best layers, producing about 160 medium sized eggs per year. They are also excellent broodies and can hatch up to 15-20 eggs at a time, perfect of you are looking to expand your flock!

We care about our chickens and we think this comes across in how healthy and happy they are when you come to collect our have your chicken delivered. We don’t like the dodgy backyard breeders who supply birds who are in poor health with no support afterwards. We try to set ourselves apart by offering full after care once you have purchased your bird directly from us.