Our Campine ladies are now about 26 weeks and are having a juvenile moult and have some localised feather loss, it’s perfectly natural and will grow back in a few weeks time, as such we have put these lovely ladies on sale and will include a complimentary bag of Feather Moult treat mix to help them along.

Silver Campine Hen

Live Chickens are delivered by our special courier service at the following costs:

Local (Collection or Delivery within 15 Miles)£2.50 + VAT
Rest of England and Wales £50+VAT
Scotland (nothing North of Perth) £70+VAT
Anything North of PerthPlease Contact Us
Delivery Within 10-14 days

Please do not order your hens until you are ready to receive them, delivery is usually within 10-14 days of your purchase, we are not able to hold hens for any longer than this.
Please Note: If you order live chickens and accessories we are able to deliver both at the same time with our special courier service.

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