Bio Plastic Green Line 4kg Poultry Feeder

Green Line Bio Plastic chicken feeders and drinkers are fantastic and hardy, they are made from natural materials and are 100% recyclable, easy to use and environmentally conscious.

The Green Line Bioplastic Poultry Feeder is made from natural, non-oil based material such as sugar cane and beet and is coloured with natural dyes.

For every ton of material used in the production of the Green Line range, up to 2.1 tons of CO² is extracted from the atmosphere helping to reduce greenhouse gases. The feeder is bayonet fitting and holds up to 4kg of feed (the feed level is visible through the plastic) which is ideal for feeding in measured amounts to discourage rats.

The Green Line feeder can be either hung up using the integral eyelet, stood on the ground, or sat on the Green Line Drinker & Feeder stand (sold separately).

The Feeder also has a partitioned feeding grid to minimise wasted feed, and an anti-perch dome to protect food from poop and litter.

Suited for larger flocks of up up to 8 mid-sized, 10 bantam or 4-5 large hens

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