Galvanised 9ltr Hot Dipped Poultry Drinker

Hot dipped, galvanised fountain style, poultry drinker with 2 gallon (9ltr) capacity. Easy to use and long lasting.

Hot dipped, galvanised, fountain style, poultry drinker for back garden chickens.

Manufactured from sheet metal for excellent weather and water resistance, hot dipped for a galvanised metal finish to make the drinker long lasting.

  • Galvanised after manufacture through a process of “Hot Dipping”
  • The “Hot Dipping” process prolongs the life of the drinker
  • Manufactured with heavy duty gauge sheet steel
  • Traditional finish
  • Approximate 2 Gallon or 9lt capacity
  • Seamless pan
  • Carry handle

Suited for large sized flocks of up up to 14 bantams, 10-12 mid-sized or 8-10 large hens.

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