Chamois Laced Padovana Hen

Live Chickens are delivered by our special courier service at the following costs:

Local (Collection or Delivery within 15 Miles)£2.50 + VAT
Rest of England and Wales £50+VAT
Scotland (nothing North of Perth) £70+VAT
Anything North of PerthPlease Contact Us
Delivery Within 10-14 days

Please do not order your hens until you are ready to receive them, delivery is usually within 10-14 days of your purchase, we are not able to hold hens for any longer than this.
Please Note: If you order live chickens and accessories we are able to deliver both at the same time with our special courier service.

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3 reviews for Padovana Hen Chamois Laced

  1. Tracy Booth (verified owner)

    These hens are amazing , so healthy and well looked after .
    The chicken finder guide helps you choice the right chickens for you .
    Was not planning on buyIng padovana chickens but the guide suggested them
    and I am so glad it did as these chickens have such wonderful personalities and so friendly and funny .
    The chickens have really improved my mental health and I spend a lot more time outside now.
    Had them delivered and was always kept updated and the customer service is excellent, they are so polite and helpful .

  2. Lesley Wilson (verified owner)

    I have several Padovana from Pipinchick and I am totally in love with them. They are so friendly and simply adore our company. One comes trundling into the kitchen to demand blueberries. They mix perfectly with my silkies and polish (also from Pipinchick). I can thoroughly recommend Pipinchick, Suzanna has been so helpful over my many purchases, and Michael is always happy to deliver them to my corner of the world. Having never wanted chickens before, one year on I cannot imagine being without them.

  3. Dani (verified owner)

    These chickens are amazing, so inquisitive and friendly, the perfect pet.

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