Walk In Metal Run With Rain Cover 4 X 2m

Walk in runs are fantastic for keeping chickens, they allow for more room and enable you to access your hens and your coop easily. Due to the added height for flight birds it also allows you to utilise the vertical space, adding enrichment is very important for long periods of confinement, securing swings, perches, ledges etc.. creates entertainment and effectively doubles the space.

These metal runs are well made a durable, this run is 4m x 2m x 2.2m 38mm tubes and surface coated. PLEASE NOTE – Photo shows a 4m x 4m run this run is 4m x 2m in just one bay deep not two.

There is a large door for easy access. The mesh is heavy duty PVC coated, it comes with a weather shade cover for half the run, standard 20mm hole chicken mesh provided which is metal then coated in dark green PVC to blend in with your setting and provide strong weather resistance to rust.

Assembly: This product is delivered flat-packed and can be easily assembled at home by following the comprehensive instructions in the user guide.

We recommend 1msq per bantam or smaller breed and 2msq per larger breed, this run has a capacity of 8msq suitable for 8 bantams or 4-5 larger breeds.

£369.00 inc. VAT

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