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What should I use on the floor of my chicken run?

If you have a permanent run and want to create a good foraging base for your chickens, we recommend first digging down about 6-10 inches and line with a membrane that allows for draining, then layer on top of this a 4-5inch layer of gravel or animal safe pebbles. This will allow your chicken run to drain effectively during very wet weather and will stop the chickens from scratching down to mud and causing mess. Then on top of the gravel or
pebbles you can put layers of chicken safe bark. This will create a lovely free draining, area for your hens to forage in without creating mud. You will need to change the bark layer every year and disinfect the pebbles/gravel and run with diluted Vrikon S in a garden sprayer once every 4 months. You can also place a run on concrete, or paving slabs, but there will be no way for your hens to forage and you will need to wash and clean this
regularly. Grass is also fine, provided you have a movable run and can move their run area regularly to stop mud and offer a fresh patch of grass to scratch and forage.

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