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Why have chickens delivered?

It is nice to be able to select your own hens from a pen, however, by choosing to stay in your immediate area you limit your choices and by buying from a small back garden set up you most likely won’t get vaccinated, guaranteed female or even fully healthy hens. We offer a higher level of quality and have raised the welfare standards of back garden poultry across the whole of the U.K. Why should you sacrifice quality due to your location?!

We have been there ourselves and there is nothing more heart-breaking than travelling for hours with the promise of lovely birds to arrive at a grotty back garden or farm and be shown unhealthy, skinny, sneezing hens with mycoplasma, scaly leg and mites!

Some of you as first-time keepers may not be aware of such issues and buy what you believe are healthy hens to then get them home and have them die or present illness, to then find your ‘breeder’ tells you tough luck and that’s the end of it!

Pipinchick Poultry are the leading supplier of pure and rare breed hens, we were the first in the U.K. to rear these types of breeds in the numbers we do and as such we have developed our own unique way of rearing that is gentle, sympathetic to each breed and as close to nature as it can be. We love each and every hen that we rear and put our heart and soul into raising them and by limiting farm visits we have found the hens are calmer, happier and live in a stress-free environment, without the constant anxiety of being selected per customer they live longer, have less behavioural issues and make better pets and back garden chickens.

This extra level of care shows in the final hen, they are friendly, healthy, sweet birds.

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