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How do you transport the chickens?

All the hens are transported in our bespoke card boxes, these are made by us using long slits in the boxes instead of holes and this allows for better air flow through the boxes. We have multiple box sizes for the different breeds, we ensure that the boxes are not over packed and hens are free to move around, we are also conscious of compatibility when packing and will use more boxes if needed to ensure the hens are safe. We do not charge you for extra boxes, you pay a flat rate. We line every box first with absorbent chick paper, then with a generous layer of either wood shavings or Dengi Fresh-bed, this ensures your hens stay dry and clean, for longer journeys we infuse this bedding with lavender buds which help keep the hens relaxed and calm. We offer chopped water melon on their journey to keep them hydrated and will give them pellet feed to ensure they don’t get hungry. 

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