Agrivite Respite Natural Tonic 250ml & 500ml

Respite is a wonderful natural tonic to help your poultry during times of respiratory distress, great for aiding colds, coughs and to help strengthen your hen after a Mycoplasma or respiratory viral infection.

Respite Poultry and Game Tonic contains a concentrated blend of herbal extracts that are proven to aid with respiratory disfunction and with lots of B vitamins to boost a weakened immune system.

Respite is available in 250ml or 500ml and is a concentrated formula that can be administered over a period of three days out of seven to combat health problems in all kinds of poultry and game birds as below:

Simply add to your birds’ drinking water at the following rates.
Day 1: 5ml to 3 Litres of drinking water
Day 2: 5ml to 2 Litres of drinking water
Day 3: 5ml to 1 Litre of drinking water

  • Complementary herbal supplement
  • Suitable for all poultry
  • Assists with quick recovery from respiratory infections
  • B Vitamins, garlic, minerals, folic acid, and fish oil.

250mls & 500mls

For administering Respite Tonic over the longer term, use the Day 1 rate for 3 days per week. Shake well before use. Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.



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