Boredom Busting, Anti Pecking Alfalfa Block

Protein and nutrient rich alfalfa grit blocks, ideal boredom busters and great to discourage feather pecking, packed with goodness.
Alfa-Grit-Blocks – are a destructible form of enrichment, enhancing bird welfare by encouraging natural activity and relieving stress which decreases the risk of injurious pecking.

70% dried alfalfa and 30% insoluble grit.

Easy to feed, simply add into their foraging area or place out on the lawn or in their run, then let them peck and scratch at the block. The blocks provide a source of grit and nutrients for your chickens, the unique design of Alfa-Grit-Blocks creates a slow release of grit that all birds can access and ingest ensuring improved gut function and feed efficiency.

  • Reduce stress in flocks.
  • Reduce plumage damage.
  • Enticing green colour.
  • High in protein.
  • A source of highly digestible fibre.
  • Rich in Provitamin A carotenoids to enhance yolk colour.
  • Improves gut function and feed efficiency.

Each Block weighs approx 1.5kg


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