Equimms Country Living Wound Spray 250ml

Equimms Wound Spray is fantastic for preventing feather pecking, soothing cuts and open wounds and aids healing with Aloe Vera.

Equimms Country Living Wound Spray is a fantastic product that we use here on the farm.

The wound spray has added Aloe vera which can be used to aid the healing of minor cuts, scrapes and sore patches, it is also a disinfectant and will prevent open wounds from becoming infected.

We use this spray on the farm not only for minor cuts and scrapes but also as a feather pecking deterrent.

Once your hens begin feather pecking they may become accustomed to the taste of blood and will continue to peck a bleeding bird which will prevent the bird from healing and encourage a pecking mentality. Equimms Wound Spray will deter this behaviour as the liquid sprays on wet and tastes unpleasant.

The spray is purple, which also allows you to monitor any continued feather pecking, you can then see who is doing the damage as their beaks will go purple, it also allows you to see if there is any fresh pecking on the pecked birds as there will be gaps in the purple. The colour eventually will wash out, but it will dye your hen’s feathers for a while.

  • 250mls
  • With added Aloe vera
  • Feather peck Deterrent
  • Aids healing
  • Allows feather pecking maintenance with the purple dye.

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