Anti Peck Spray

If you have a hen that is prone to pecking others this can help, stop chickens peking with this specially formulated anti feather peck spray. an unpalatable solution for chickens with regular application the behaviour tends to change.

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Will this stop my chickens pecking?

Yes, this will help but will need be used as an ongoing preventative to change the behaviour.

Does this product dye my chickens’ feathers?

No, this spray leaves no colour transfer on the chicken’s feathers.

Is this product safe to get on my hands?

We would recommend wearing gloves while applying this to your chickens.

More Info

This Anti-Peck spray has been carefully formulated to reduce the incidence of feather pulling. Sometimes there may be one bird that is at the bottom of the pecking order and is bullied by the other birds.

This can range from gentle feather pecking to the more extreme cases of aggressive behaviour. Anti-Peck spray should be sprayed over the whole of the victim and other birds in the flock because if one bird is targeted this unsociable behaviour can get out of hand quite quickly if left. The formulation is very unpalatable therefore tends to curb the issue quite quickly.

Continue using the product for 7 days to ensure the antisocial behaviour does not return.

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