Avian Flu Prevention and Cleaning Kit for your Chickens

Adhere to DEFRA requirements and keep your area bio secure, clean and virus free and at the same time keep your hens healthy and strong with this all in one Flu Prevention Kit.

Keeping your hens in good condition and your run and house clean is so important, especially during times of Avian Flu outbreaks. Having a strong immune system allows your hens to fight any cold or viruses more effectively and as per DEFRA recommendation keeping a bio secure and clean environment is a must. This Package has been created to give you everything you need to not only keep your hens strong but your environment clean.

Flu Prevention Pack Contains:

1 X 600gm bag of our Forager Immune Boosting treat mix, specifically created with antioxidants, Vitamin B12 and protein this mix will give your hens an immune system boost and keep them strong and healthy.

1 X 100ml bottle of our Pipinchick Multi Vitamin, specially created with your pure breed and bantam hens needs in mind and packed with extra vitamin B12 which is essential for promoting a strong and healthy immune system. Water soluble and should be given constantly though the flu and cold season to keep them strong and able to fight off any nasty viruses doing the rounds.

1 X 1ltr bottle of Chicken Vet Poultry Shield, this is a great cleaner, it is fantastic for killing viruses, parasites and germs. Use on your chicken house to give it a deep clean with warm water and a good brush.

2 X Virkon 50gm Sachets, we use these on our own small holding, they come in a convenient one application sachet and this disinfectant kills everything! Dilute 1 sachet in a garden sprayer of water and spray your entire run and house. Keep chickens out of this area for 24 hours then apply fresh litter or sawdust. You can also dilute into a foot dip which is great way to ensure good bio security.

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