Pipinchick’s Immune Boosting B12 Chicken Treat Mix – 600gm & 3kg

Hand made to order Pipinchick’s vitamin B12 rich immune booster mix has been created to give your hen’s immune system a helping had during times of stress, cold weather or after an antibiotic treatment.

Pipinchick’s B12 vitamin treat mix is a fantastic recipe created specifically to give your hen’s immune system a good boost when needed.

This treat mix is full of natural ingredients that are packed with vitamin B12 such as dried banana, parsley, thyme, oregano
and pumpkin seeds. Vitamin B12 along with garlic are proven ingredients to help increase white blood cells which are integral for your hen’s immune system to function properly and strongly.
A great treat to give during times of stress, cold weather, after an antibiotic treatment or in times when your hen just isn’t quite herself.

Your girls will love this rich and healthy afternoon treat, it’s so tasty they will also gobble down the added grit and oyster shell.

Give one handful (about 50gms) to 3-4 hens in the afternoons as needed

All treat bags are hand made to order, please allow 24 hours from payment to dispatch, not to be given as a food substitute. Not suitable for hens younger than 20 weeks of age.



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