Broody Hen Treat Mix – 600gm & 3kg

Hand made to order Pipinchick’s Broody Hen Mix has been created to give your long sitting broody hen a good nutrient and vitamin boost. It’s so yummy it can even tempt them to come off the brood. 

Pipinchick have created this lovely all-round treat mix to offer a wide variety of minerals, nutrients and vitamins for your broody hen.

When your hen goes broody their instinct to sit is so strong they will even brood on an empty nest and will usually only feed once a day. This treat has been designed to give them some nutritional help and keep them in tip top condition when their normal diet has been limited. Packed with natural ingredients to give energy release through complex carbohydrates, banana for B12 and potassium, parsley and seeds for B12 and now with added split peas for extra fibre to help keep her moving regularly.

The added banana and protein in this mix make it irresistible, it will definitely tempt her off the nest to treat herself and get some much-needed nutrients.

Give one handful (about 50gms) to 3-4 hens
in the afternoons as needed.

All treat bags are hand made to order, please allow 24 hours from payment to dispatch, should not be used as a food substitute. Not suitable for hens younger than 20 weeks of age.



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