Dergall 100ml Innovative Red Mite & Scaly Leg Treatment For Poultry

Treat your hens for red mite with this innovative poison and pesticide free treatment from Dergall with the Chicken vet seal of approval.

Dergall works by mechanically immobilising red mite. The formula is pesticide and poison free and the reduction of population is visible within 72 hours from the initial application. If you have a large mite population you may need to reapply 10 days after the first treatment to destroy any newly hatched mites which were missed or subsequently hatched after the first spray. Dergall has the added advantage of killing scaly leg mite and Northern fowl mites which can cause severe irritation and depression in chickens.

To use, sweep out the house and dispose of any bedding, then mix the Dergall into a small sprayer and mist spray all internal areas focusing into crevices and particularly the perches, as mites have to go onto the perch to crawl onto the birds to feed. A tip is to spray Dergall at night when the mites are their most active.

Contents: Organomodified siloxanes, silanes, antioxidants

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