Battery Hen Rescue Care Package

Help your ex-battery chickens find a new lease of life with this essential care pack, full of helpful products and nutritional aids.

Congratulations on making the decision to give some rescue ex-battery chickens another chance at life, rescue hens are so rewarding to keep and with love and care you will see them blossom over the next few months.

Your hens will also be deficient in lots of nutrients that they need, they are egg machines and as such they will have spent the last 12-18months of their lives pumping out eggs, battery hens should lay well for about another 3-5 years, however, in the environment they have been in their natural sources of protein, iron, calcium and vitamin D will be drained.

By using the lovely products included, which have been either handmade or personally selected by our chicken experts, you will be able to help your new hens on their way to a full recovery. There are some wonderful aids in this rescue pack that will replenish lost nutrients, build trust and confidence and also help promote emotional calmness.

Included in Your Ex-Battery Hen Rescue Pack.

1 X Helpful Herbs, Calm Hen. Your new chickens are going to be stressed, they will feel anxious and frightened for a few days after arrival, to help them feel calmer add some calm hen mix into their nesting area and add 1tbsp to the treat mix and sprinkle on the ground. The lavender, camomile and lemon balm have proven calming effects on the hens, they eat the flowers as well as enjoy the aroma in their coop, this helps them to feel more relaxed on arrival.

2 X Forager Feather Moult treat mixes, these mixes are packed with protein, vitamins and ginger. Protein and ginger will help your new hens regrow their lost feathers more efficiently, ginger stimulates feather growth and the regrowth of new skin cells and protein is the essential element needed to produce new feathers. They also contain fresh cabbage dried herbs, corn and not only will they offer a much-needed nutrient boost they will also allow you to bond with your new hens. Although they won’t take it from you hand just yet, but by sprinkling some on the ground you will help to encourage their natural foraging behaviour which is proven to promote happiness and wellbeing as well as giving them a positive association with you as being the treat bearer!

1 X Warmer Porridge, Ginger Nut. This is a lovely little treat for you girls, a nice warm energy boosting porridge mix, packed with extra ginger and peanuts for protein which all help to stimulate feather growth, packed with oats and corn the porridge will give the ladies a nice energy boost which they me need in the initial few days.

1 X Pipinchick Multi Vitamin, essential for replacing lost vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B12 which is important for their immune systems and brain cognitive function.

1 X Zolcal-D, this is a great calcium tonic, not only will it help replenish your new hens’ calcium levels bust also contains a serious vitamin D top up. If they have lived indoors their whole lives they will be very deficient in vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for the body to be able to absorb calcium correctly.

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