Pipinchick‘s Layers’ Aid Calcium and Vit-D Boost Chicken Treat Mix – 600gm & 3kg

Hand made to order Pipinchick’s Laying hen helper boost mix has essential Vitamin D to allow hens to adbsorb calcium more easily. With oyster shell and oyster mushrooms this antioxidant packed treat mix will help you layer produce healthy well formed egg shells.

Pipinchick have created this well-balanced treat mix to give your laying hens a natural boost of Vitamin D which enables your hen to absorb calcium more easily.

Calcium is important for laying hens to be able to create a healthy, hard and well-formed egg shell. This treat mix is only for hens aged 12 months and over who may be showing signs they are struggling to lay, have gone off the lay (but are not broody) or are laying soft shelled eggs.
Not to be given in place of a Vit-D tonic but as a food aid to help them create and absorb calcium. With natural calcium and dried oyster mushrooms you hens will love this healthy treat.

​A proven hit with our girls and they don’t even notice the added grit.

Give one handful (about 50gms) to 3-4 hens in the afternoons as needed

All treat bags are hand made to order, please allow 24 hour from payment to dispatch, not to be given as a food substitute. Not suitable for hens younger than 12 months of age.



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