Modern Game Bird Hen Gold/Salmon

Below are some breed highlight of the very fetching tiny Modern Game hens. Small but mighty they are full character. Gentle natures, they make wonderful pets. Ideal garden buddies. Featherless feet and legs. Inquisitive and very friendly.

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Modern Game Hens are reasonably robust for such a small bird. Better suited a smaller area they are perfect for back garden coops; however, they can forage, and free roam provided the grass isn’t too long. They can be housed in mixed flocks provided the other birds have gentle natures. They can fly so will be fine to navigate a house with a ladder or ramp, they like to perch and might roost at night. They are lovely little hens and make great pets for children due to their calm and friendly natures.

Suited to all spaces
House with ladder or ramp
Small bantam
Good with most
Make Great Pets
50-100 Small White PA

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