Probiotic Garlic, Herb & Seaweed by Natures grub 300gm

Natural health boosting blend of garlic, spearmint, oregano and seaweed. Great as a prebiotic for gut health, seaweed to offer multivitamins and garlic with herbs for a natural wormer, immune system booster and overall health promotor.

Natures Grub Garlic, Herbs & Seaweed Supplement.

Garlic is a proven natural health booster for all animals, as well as helping to aid digestion, garlic boosts the immune system providing anti- viral and anti-bacterial protection. Garlic also helps to keep the airways clear and increase gut health. Mint contains a wide variety of vitamins & minerals as well as improving digestive health. Oregano is high in dietary Fibres & has good anti-bacterial properties. Seaweed Granules are a feed supplement for chickens to naturally provide the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and trace elements required for in all poultry and waterfowl. It will help your hens produce good eggs with solid shells, promote general health and feather condition so it is particularly useful during the moult.

  • Probiotics to aid gut health & good digestion
  • Seaweed for vitamins A, B1, C & D
  • Garlic for strong immune systems
  • Anti viral and anti bacterial agents


15ml to 1kg of feed, can be given daily.

Contains Seaweed – a natural source of ProVitamin A, Vitamins B1, B2, C and D; Calcium, Sodium, Chlorine, Sulphur and Cobalt.


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