Pipinchick’s Forager Peck Stop Treat Mix – 500gm & 2.5kg

Hand made to order Pipinchick’s Forager Peck Stop is a great natural way to deter feather pecking and run boredom.

Peck Stop is a fantastic treat mix to discourage feather pecking and aggression the natural way.

Why do our hens feather peck?

There are a few reasons why our hens peck each other, the main causes are usually anxiety which can be triggered by any of the following: run boredom, change of environment, adding new flock-mates feather pecking can also be a result of protein cravings, when hens don’t have enough protein in their system they can turn to their flock-mate’s feathers to provide this, as they are made up of mostly pure protein.

Peck Stop has been created by our Pipinchick team to tackle both these potential causes for pecking, nutritionally. By including flowers such as lemon balm, lavender and camomile, which all have a proven soothing effect on anxiety, your hens will instantly feel calmer, this will reduce your hens’ stress levels which can deter any aggressive behaviour towards each other.

Packed with protein, this treat also tackles blood cravings, keeping your hens topped up with natural proteins found in ingredients such as raw peanuts, fishmeal, seeds… will stop them from seeking protein from their flock-mate’s feathers.

Tried and tested, we use this treat mix on our small holding when we move young hens from their rearing huts to their finishing sheds and outdoor spaces, moving hens at this age can cause them some anxiety and stress but with our Peck Stop formula they are calm, happy and less inclined to peck one another.

Use to prevent pecking by predicting times of anxiety and stress but it is also good to use as a treatment if you already have a pecking problem. Use in conjunction with our Alfalfa Peck Blocks and Equimms purple wound spray. The calming flowers will instantly cool a stressful situation down and by scattering some treat mix on the ground you will also encourage their natural foraging behaviour which can offer some temporary relief from run boredom and a distraction from each other which is ideal during times of prolonged confinement due to Avian Flu restrictions and ‘flock downs’.

Give one handful (about 50gms) to 3-4 hens in the mornings or as needed

All treat bags are hand made to order, please allow 24 hours from payment to dispatch, not to be given as a food substitute. Not suitable for hens younger than 16 weeks of age.



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