100% Natural Immune Support Remedy for Poultry

A combination of immune supporting herbs for domestic, game and caged birds. Contains elderberry.

Immune system boosting natural remedy for poultry, ducks, pigeons, game, aviary and caged birds. This is a natural herbal combination with no pharmaceutical chemicals. Due to the natural nature of this product withdrawal of eggs is not required. Safe for eating birds, no ‘lay off’ period required. 20 drops per 100ml of water (in the separate feeder), 3-4 days per month, will treat 4 birds for up to 16 months. If putting water into the feeder you need to withdraw all other water until the feeder is empty then add clean water.

Alternatively, add drops to water and add dosed water to mash when feeding, or put drops directly onto small pieces of bread and feed direct.

Immune System support for Poultry, Ducks, Pigeons, Game, Aviary and Caged birds


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