Pipinchick Multi Vitamin – 100ml bottle

Pipinchick Poultry’s very own water soluble multi vitamin for chickens with extra B12.

Pipinchick have developed their own poultry multi vitamin with added B12, this is the same multi vitamin we use on our farm. Specially formulated to offer your bantam and pure breed chickens a health boosting tonic that can be added to their water.

B12 is very important for maintaining and building strong immune systems and aids with motor functions and is vital for good brain cognitive health.
Pipinchick’s Multi Vit is suitable for all types of poultry and can be given all year round, it is advised to give continuously through the winter months as your hens may need the extra immune system boost.

This multi-vit is very effective to help your hen recover after an antibiotic treatment, during times of stress or change, it is also perfect for use on young chicks to help them grow strong and healthy.

Dilute 5mls into 5ltrs of drinking water as needed, can be used continuously and can be used along side apple cider vinegar.

£12.00 inc. VAT


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