Pipinchick Multi Vitamin

Pipinchick Poultry’s very own water soluble multi vitamin for chickens with extra B12. We had this made and we have been using it for over 10 years it’s a must have for us.

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How do i use Pipinchick Multi vit?

Dilute into fresh drinker water at a rate of 1ml per litre. In times of illness or stress you can dilute up to 5ml per litre to give your chickens an extra boost.

Why do you do you own Multi vit?

Simply put its because we were having micronutrient deficiencies in some chickens between age 6-14 weeks, in the search for perfection during our rearing phase we had this formulated so the birds received what they were lacking in the food at the time, we use this all the time on the farm.


  • British Mixed Corn – Carbohydrates
  • Grit – To aid good digestion
  • Lemon Balm, Camomile & Lavender – Soothing and calming flowers
  • Sunflower Seeds – Protein & B12
  • Raw Peanuts – Protein & health fats.
  • Fishmeal & Mealworms – Natural Protein
  • Ginger Powder – Helps to regrow skin cells and feathers quickly
  • Dried Parsley – Vitamin B12

*Please note some of our treats contain mealworms, if you would prefer these removed please ask our team and we can substitute with another source of natural protein.

More Info

Pipinchick have developed their own poultry multi vitamin with added B12, this is the same multi vitamin we use on our farm. Specially formulated to offer your bantam and pure breed chickens a health boosting tonic that can be added to their water.

B12 is very important for maintaining and building strong immune systems and aids with motor functions and is vital for good brain cognitive health.

Pipinchick’s Multi Vit is suitable for all types of poultry and can be given all year round, it is advised to give continuously through the winter months as your hens may need the extra immune system boost.

This multi-vit is very effective to help your hen recover after an antibiotic treatment, during times of stress or change, it is also perfect for use on young chicks to help them grow strong and healthy.

Dilute 5mls into 5ltrs of drinking water as needed, can be used continuously and can be used along side apple cider vinegar.

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When buying both poultry and product at the same time, your supplies will be packaged to be delivered or collected at the same time as your chickens.

Our Happy Customers

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“I can’t wait to purchase hens through Pipinchick in the new year!”

"Brilliant service, great products with neatly designed packaging with direct instructions on the labelling. I am treating a (formerly) paralyzed chicken with severe nutritional wry neck successfully with guidance from the Pipinchick website. Products arrived on 48hr delivery, I can't wait to purchase hens through Pipinchick in the new year!"

Janine, Sept ’22

“Pipinchick couldn’t have been more helpful”

Pipinchick couldn't have been more helpful, delivering our two friendly hens and some supplies we couldn't get hold of elsewhere. The birds have kept us entertained - and supplied with eggs - all summer long. If you are lucky enough to have a small garden I'd recommend a few chickens for everyone.

John, Aug ‘21

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