Pipinchick Subscription

Pipinchick Subscribers get a range of monthly treats, special discounts and more to keep keep you and your pet happy!

Become a Pipinchick Subscriber today and get monthly gift boxes packed with fun treats, goodies and helpful products for your chickens and for you. Each month will bring a surprise treat with our subscription boxes you will also save yourself 5% on all future product purchases.
Simply create an account when you subscribe and when you log in again you will automatically get 5% off time and time again in our accessories shop.
Not only will you get 5% off future purchases and a gift box every month you will also get to take advantage of our Zoom face to face consultation, these are completely free for our Pipinchick subscribers and yes there is more, all our Pipinchickers get priority on any chicken pre orders or new breeds, get yourself bumped to the top of our waiting lists!
Join our community of chicken enthusiasts today and get a welcome gift box sent right away with a lovely set of Eddington’s Mill House egg cup pails, a bag of Calm Hen Helpful Herbs, A 600gms bag of Forager Afternoon Tea treat mix and a 200gm bag of Forager Winter Warmer porridge and a 100ml bottle of our very own Pipinchick Multi Vitamin with B12.

You will then be added onto our subscription list for the following month’s gift box, your monthly payments will then be made on the 5th of each month starting the month after your initial subscription payment.

£28.99 inc. VAT now, and £28.99 inc. VAT on the 5th of each month

First payment: 5 September 2022

2 reviews for Pipinchick Subscription

  1. Sue Miller

    I LOVE these boxes! They are always so full of goodies, I was a bit dubious at first as I was worried they wouldn’t be good value for money but they are always so full and the products in them are lovely. Each box has always been thought about and products included that are relevant to the weather, time of year or geared towards certain treatments and health needs. I think because Pipinchick rear and know chickens the boxes aren’t just full of nonsense, all the products and treats are well thought about. There is always a lovely present in there for me, last month we had some gorgeous hen and cockerel tea light candle holders, the month before a stunning hand designed tea towel, just lovely. My chickens really love the treats and products, I have also taken advantage of the 5% in store discount many times and have just has 2 young Sizzles delivered because I get priority on waiting lists! Wonderful service!

  2. Storm6 (verified owner)

    Love getting this each month as do our fluffies. I always open it with them and they now come running when I walk in with the box! They even help to open it. They love trying all the different goodies inside and I love reading the letter and the little extras for owners. Definitely a must to try x

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