Pipinchick’s Protein Packed Feather Moult Boost Chicken Treat Mix – 600gm & 3kg

Hand made to order Pipinchick’s protein and ginger packed boost mix has been designed to help your hen through her seasonal feather moults, the added protein and ginger are proven to stimulate new feather growth and give your hen additional energy.

Pipinchick have created this fantastic protein boosting hen treat mix which has been specifically designed to give your hens an increase in natural proteins during times of feather loss and moulting.

Upping your hen’s protein intake is proven to help increase the speed of new feather growth, your hen needs this extra protein to create new feathers, ginger is also used in this mix as again this has been proven to stimulate new feather growth. The combination of these 2 elements in a concentrated treat mix really aids you hen during her feather moult to stimulate and quickly replace lost feathers.

Our treat mixes are so yummy and a proven hit with all our girls, they don’t even notice the added grit and oyster shell and gobble the lot.

Give one handful (about 50gms) to 3-4 hens in the afternoons.

​This mix contains fresh cabbage so please note it has a shorter expiry of 2 weeks from date of bagging.

All treat bags are hand made to order please allow 24 hours from payment to dispatch, not to be given as a food substitute. Not suitable for hens younger than 20 weeks of age.



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