Winter Care Package for your Chickens

Keep your chickens in good heath this winter with our winter poultry care package.

During the colder months your chickens need a little extra care and comfort and Pipinchick have created this wonderful winter care package full of goodies to help keep your chickens strong and healthy during the winter months.

Winter Care Pack Contains:

3 X 200gm packs of our very own Pipinchick Forager Winter Warmer in 3 different flavours Banana B12, Ginger Nut & Garlic & Herbs. This is a great treat for you hens, with porridge oats and corn for an extra energy boost and packed full of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants these mixes have been created to give your hens a warming boost. Simply add hot water and mix and your chickens will love this warm oatie treat on a cold day.

1 X 100ml bottle of our Pipinchick Multi Vitamin, specially created with your pure breed and bantam hens needs in mind and packed with extra vitamin B12 which is essential for promoting a strong and healthy immune system. Water soluble and should be given constantly though the flu and cold season to keep them strong and able to fight off any nasty viruses doing the rounds.

1 X 250ml bottle of natural Aloe Vera Pet Shampoo. A lovely pet friendly shampoo which is perfect for keeping your hens clean and muck free. It is very important especially with feather footed birds and Silkies who have no natural rain protection that they stay clean during the winter months. Mud can carry all manner of bugs and germs and making sure your hens feet and feathers are cleaned regularly is important for overall health and wellbeing.

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